Sony Comments On Deal To Bring MLB The Show 21 To Xbox And Game Pass

Sony Comments On Deal To Bring MLB The Show 21 To Xbox And Game Pass

It was Major League Baseball’s decision to expand the franchise to new platforms outside of PlayStation, the publisher says.

Sony Blocks Xbox Game Pass Games, Says Microsoft | No PS Plus Premium Games For August – [LTPS #530]

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Talk about a wild two weeks huh? We initially had Sony list out their concerns to Brazil regulators about the Activision Blizzard deal, and now we have Microsofts response. More specifically, Microsoft responding to Sony’s concerns. They mention things like Sony blocking Game Pass games, their lead in digital distribution, and more. We also have the PS Plus Extra & Premium update for August and.. no classics. At all. That’s pretty weird, but something that’s not weird is that I have to schedule my state inspection for my car and I’ve been putting it off for two weeks.

Shuhei Yoshida Visits Bokeh Game Studio:

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0:00 – Intro & PS Plus Reminder
0:37 – August PS Plus Extra Games
1:17 – No Games For PS Plus Premium This Month
2:41 – Shuhei Yoshida Retweets Old Legend Of Dragoon Tweet
3:57 – Shuhei Admits Puppeteer Should Have Been On PS4
4:54 – Internet Laughs At Forspoken’s Trailer
6:52 – TLOU HBO Henry And Sam Actor’s Revealed
8:24 – Uncharted Movie On Netflix
8:57 – Disney+ Native PS5 Version Appears On PSN
9:36 – Sony Survey Asks About NFT’s
11:15 – Microsoft Responds To Sony’s Concerns
12:46 – Microsoft On Game Pass vs. Single Buy Games
13:33 – Microsoft Reiterates Call Of Duty On PlayStation
14:04 – Sony Blocks Game Pass Games
14:22 – Microsoft Says Exclusive ABK Games Not Profitable
15:22 – Why Sony Is Concerned
17:30 – Microsoft’s Responses Have More Leverage
18:23 – Exclusivity And Blocking Subscriptions
22:27 – Let’s Talk Plus
22:52 – Housekeeping

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Why MLB the Show 21 on Game Pass is a HUGE deal

This year Mlb the show 21 will be available on Xbox Game Pass

What do you all think of the latest news that the newest baseball title will not only be available across sony but also on Xbox Game Pass on day 1 . This is massive news for xbox and the baseball franchise and fans in general. Let me know your thoughts on this, and do you think this leads to more AAA level titles come to game pass on day 1 of launch.

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Эксклюзив PlayStation MLB The Show 21 в Xbox Game Pass и повышение цены на PlayStation 5

Компания Sony повышает рекомендованную розничную цену на PlayStation 5. MLB The Show 21 от внутренней студии Sony в день выхода появится в Xbox Game Pass