Rally Trophy

Rally Trophy

If you enjoy this generally lonely style of driving, Rally Trophy will take you on a journey that ranks right up there with the best the racing genre has to offer.

Ралли-кросс# Rally Trophy №5

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Rally Trophy – A Casual Review

Rally Trophy is an Historic rally simulator released in 2001 for the PC. Touted as the “Grand Prix Legends” of rally sims, Rally Trophy was one of the first and maybe only Rally sim to focus solely on Historic Content. This was the first game developed by Bugbear entertainment, a brilliant development studio who went on to create the successful Flatout series and most recently responsible for Wreckfest. Rally Trophy was a serious rally simulation in its day and was extensively modded to add cars and tracks and modify the physics and was THE rally sim until Richard Burns Rally came along a few years later. These days Rally Trophy is still seriously impressive and a ton of fun to play and one I highly recommend spending an evening or two.. or three enjoying!

Controller Fix: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/controller-fix-v1-04.26783/

Email – [email protected]
Discord – https://discord.gg/v4K9HBpZv8
Twitter – https://twitter.com/gplapsjake

0:00 Intro
1:24 Background
5:26 Modes
6:28 Rallies
8:08 Cars
11:09 Rd 1 – Rally Russia
37:06 Rd 2 – Rally Kenya
59:03 Final Thoughts

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